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National Train Your Brain Day

Here you have a few quick brain teasers to exercise your attention and your working memory–the ability to keep information in your mind while working on integrating, processing it. Given them a try…they are not as easy as they seem.

  • Say the days of the week backwards, then in alphabetical order. (Speak other languages? Try doing the same in Spanish, French, Mandarin…)

  • Say the months of the year in alphabetical order. Easy? Well, why don’t you try doing so backwards, in reverse alphabetical order.

  • Find the sum of your date of birth, mm/dd/yyyy. Want a tougher mind teaser? Do the same with your spouse’s or best friend’s date of birth (without looking it up…)

  • Name two objects for every letter in your first name. Work up to five objects, trying to use different items each time.

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