Why Freshmen Need Laser-like Focus

It’s time to start thinking about your career, but 14 years is not enough time to gather the information for such a massive decision. It is okay if you need a little more time to identify what it is that you want to pursue. While you’re taking time to figure it out, stay focused. Stay focused on your GPA specifically. Most colleges look at your accomplishments from all four years to determine whether or not you could handle their school's curriculum, while companies have a different motivation for viewing your grades. Potential employers screen applicants by GPA because it is an indicator of what duties a person is able to perform. Either way, this cumulative average of your grades is used to judge your potential.


Let’s break this down! First convert the grades to a numbers using the image to the right. Keep in mind that this may differ depending on the school. Add up all of your grades, and then divide by the number of classes.

As freshmen, you have plenty of time to raise your GPA. That being said you also have plenty of opportunities to do serious damage. The majority of your tough classes will come during your junior or senior year. Now is the time to secure the A in algebra 1 that can offset the C you may get in trigonometry. Earning higher grades now can offset slip-ups when your study habits shift due to added extracurricular activities, prom, work, or just life in general. Establishing strong study habits now will help you avoid digging a ditch that you can’t get out of.

So maybe you don’t know exactly what career path you would like to take, but while you figure it out keep in mind that keeping your GPA high is the best way to keep your options open. If you need additional support to raise or keep your GPA high reach out to your teachers and guidance counselors. Need something else? Click here for additional help.


Easy ways to keep your GPA up:

  • Attend class

  • Do your homework (especially in math and science as these classes only build on prior knowledge)

  • Focus on the important areas according to your syllabus

  • Ask for help

  • Don’t procrastinate

  • Know what will be on the test and study hard

  • Take easier classes if necessary

  • Don’t give up!!

Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.
— Oprah Winfrey