Parental Guidance

Parents, caretakers, and guardians…feeling stressed yet? Don’t worry, we are here to help. Whether your student is in middle or high school, guiding your child’s development is a job all on its own. One of your biggest allies, and a commonly underused asset are your student’s counselors. Their role is to offer advice on issues, help troubled students and assist students in making career or college plans. These professionals are familiar with everything that you and your child are currently working through and have a great deal of knowledge in regard to the college admissions roller coaster. High school can be awkward, stressful, emotional, exciting and sometimes traumatic. Your child may need help to process these feeling and staying on track, so encourage your student to speak openly with their appointed counselor. While they can be a pillar of knowledge and resources, these advisers work with each and every student on many things. Please keep this in mind when scheduling a time to meet with them.

Don’t forget that you are not in this alone and you do have a team of individuals that are also rooting for your student’s success and well being. Now is the time to be encouraged and fight through the teenage angst to ensure that your student reaches their dreams.